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What else does Polly do?


Polly is co-founder of the new fashion brand Snag Tights. Tights designed to fit all women.

Who are Snag Tights?


Women of all different sizes and shapes have one thing in common - most can't find a pair of decent tights that they really love. Instead, every pair has flaws that bring a little bit of annoyance throughout the day, from nora battying, to crotch grating or even tummy strangulation.  


It seems a little thing, but we believe we can make women just a little happier every day and feel more confident and have a touch more swagger with the perfect fitting pair.

Polly is a secret silversmith and loves crafting jewellery in her spare time. She specialises in cute creatures, although she has been known to make the occasional toothy shark.


She has her own mini workshop in her bedroom and frequently uses a blow torch amongst so much soft furnishings and without putting her hair back.


She has been warned!!!

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